Jeannie & Galen Wedding

A couple months ago, I had the privilege of shooting with my good friend Junshien.  He's a kick butt photographer and moving fast in the wedding photography scene.  He shoots a lot with Scott Robert, who is known for his workshops and high-energy.  It's fun being able to work together in this industry to try and elevate each other.  I have met very few number of photographers who were closed off or seemed competitive.  I think David Jay's example of the more you give the more you receive in this industry is really true.  I've been finding that the more I give of my time and energy to my fellow photographers, the more they share the love back to me, sometimes ten fold!  Junshien, is one of those guys that does that and it's been fun helping each other out.  I'll be putting up a couple more weddings that I shot with other photographers last year, now that we're done with our own clients' work. 

Jeannie and Galen got married in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park in front of the Queen Wilhelmina Tulip Gardens.  I love second shooting, as it enables me to take on a whole different perspective.  It also reminds me how hard of a job it is to be a second shooter. 

The girls made the guys wait outside and bargain their way into Jeannie's apartment to pick her up.  This is one of those shots where I remember thinking, how do I capture this moment?  Jeannie_Galen_Blog-01.jpg

Jeannie wore a beautiful traditional dress for the tea ceremony.


Reminds me of a Wong Kar-Wai film.  In the mood for love?  Ingrid likes how the light just wraps all around her.


This is one of those places that make me think that I'm somewhere in Europe, with that huge windmill in the back.



All the little details of the ceremony really made everything come together. 






While riding in the cable car, Jeannie and Galen decide to stop by Walgreens for some ice cream.  And cereal?  I LOVE this shot. 


Posing with ramen noodles.  Girls do the funniest things in front of cameras.  


Group shot at the Legion of Honor. 



Jeannie must have been watching Top Model, because her poses looked gooood. 


The guys fighting with parasols.  Never before did pink look so manly.  


The cable car that took us all around town.  



I love the composition in this shot.  The arrow, cityscape, grass, and of course the lovely couple!



Their reception was held at the Yank Sing.  Cool looking cake!


Yeeeaaaoow!  They had a photo booth from Red Cheese Photo Booths.  I'll have to scan my smoking hot session with Junshien and add it later.