Cindy & Eugene | UC Berkeley campus | Sproul | Doe Library | Campanile | Memorial Stadium | Engagement Session

As you may already know, we love doing engagement sessions.  The excitement of working together for the first time and trying out new things is a great motivator for everyone.  These sessions really allow us to get to know our couples better and can make for some really cool shots that have that artistic touch to them.  Well, it's also an excuse for us to go out and play with our cameras. 
Cindy and Eugene contacted us because they saw our previous UC Berkeley engagement shoot and loved those images.  Since we shoot many engagement sessions at Berkeley, we had to think of different ways to see the often visited Doe Library, Sather Gate and Campanile.  And this time, Cindy and Eugene brought a football along just in case we were able to sneak into Memorial Stadium again.  We did it! 
We had so much fun trying to see how many acts of physical exertion we could make Cindy and Eugene do.  We asked them to carry each other, jump over each other, tackle each other... you know, the kinds of stuff married people usually do. They were troopers and I think we got some awesome action shots out of them!
I love the Sather Gate architecture in this shot.  




 A great smile from Eugene!


While wandering around, we encountered a group of swing dancers on Sproul.  We snuck Cindy and Eugene in there and told them to hold very still so that we could drag the shutter speed a little. 




Flying scissor kick practice in the woods.  Cindy was once on the Cal Wu-Shu team.  Don't try this at home.


I love the dramatic light of the setting sun and how they're so into each other.


Eugene was very excited to go to Memorial Stadium to get some football shots.   


Eugene has actually been training Cindy how to play football in the last 5 years! Isn't that so cool, needless to say Ingrid wasn't amused.  How does one go about getting girlfriend to play football?  One of life's mysteries.


Man, maybe Cal should recruit Cindy for their offense...and defense.



Relaxing after some exercise.