esther + richard | carnelian room | san francisco

it's times like these that i really really love san francisco.  as photographers we're heavily affected by light in all shapes, intensities, propensities, dispensities, bear necessities, well you get it.  we live and die by light.  the painter has his brush with various choices in color palates.  we on the other hand are essentially at the mercy of lord photon and his fiery light waves.  that's why we love san francisco, because at any moment she drops in to say, "hello my lovlies, let me drop kick you in the face with some totally rad nasty light!"  am i making any sense?  i'm realizing that esther and richards' parents need to understand what i'm writing here.  

thank you, richard and esther, for loving photography with a passion and having us be a part of a very very wonderful wedding ceremony in the beautiful city of san francisco.  you guys are beyond super cool and generous human beings.  i hope we made your day a little bit brighter with some pretty pictures.