esther + richard | bali | indonesia | destination wedding photography

when richard and esther first came to us they had a vision.  they wanted to have wedding pictures done in bali.  well who doesn't want pictures on the other side of the planet in an exotic island locale?  i do.  taking pictures in places named nusa dua, jimbaran, kuta and ubud is uber cool.  much cooler than the bowl cut i sported back in elementary school.  

so they had their wedding ceremony in sf and then flew us over to bali to join them on their honeymoon.  i know what you're thinking, "interrupting the honeymoon, that's sacrilegious!" aren't you supposed to just relax on your honeymoon?  well, how can you not!  hanging out with me and ingrid is so fun that no honeymoon is complete without us.  i can write so many reasons why you should have us follow you on your honeymoon, but i guess i'll just let the pics take you to school on that.