Tony & Stephanie Wedding

Some people ask me if I get nervous before a wedding or during a wedding.  It's in our nature to be nervous creatures whenever we step into unknown situations.  And every wedding is virtually an open ended day of infinite outcomes.  I don't get butterflies before weddings anymore, but I do get excited about the many different images I have rolling around in my head before I shoot one.

For example, I knew going into this wedding that I wanted a tight crop of Tony on Stephanie's shoulder.  Once a shot like that is in my camera, I can relax and start enjoying the day myself.  I love it when my couples know that and are willing to do all kinds of silly things that they wouldn't ever do in front of a camera on any normal day.  This trust starts from the engagement session, that's why I have an engagement session in all my packages.  I remember this one shot where Tony was jumping over Stephanie when we shot their engagement session.  Tony gave me this you're out of your mind kinda look, but afterwards he liked the image.  I secretly think it was because it made him look cool.

Thanks guys for letting me have so much fun shooting you guys this weekend!   

Tony_Stephanie-1014%20copy.jpgTony_Stephanie-1062%20copy.jpg Tony_Stephanie-1046%20copy.jpg