Annie & James Wedding

Annie and James were such fun to work with.  James is a total ham and Annie can hold her own when she's prodded just a bit, and I mean just a bit.  It didn't take them much effort to relax in front of the camera and enjoy the whole day.  They were up for whatever I suggested them to do and of course James always added his own flair.  When we had our engagement session, he would always do a Naruto pose (anime character) and try to get Annie to follow.  He kept the Naruto down to a minimum this time around, but nevertheless managed to sneak in some other form of goofiness.  They were so silly, which I love about them.

What I admired about them, besides their silliness, was their whole perspective on their wedding day.  Annie dedicated her bouquet to her mother and James gave a really touching toast to his parents.  They are so grounded in their faith and it was refreshing to see that play out in their ceremony and reception.  I think that's why Annie was one of the most calmest brides I have ever worked with. 

I'm also stoked to be shooting one of her bridesmaids next year!  It was great meeting all her friends at the after party and hanging out.  Turns out that the house they were partying in was the house of one of my study abroad friends from 2000 in Korea!  What a small world.