Why hire a pro?

There's been a lot written about this topic on many blogs and magazines, but this article, Photography, written by Seattle Bride Magazine hit home for so many reasons.  

Seattle Bride Magazine hired an amateur wedding photographer to follow Joey Hong, a pro photographer from John & Joseph Photography in Seattle.  I actually met Joseph for a very brief moment when I was starting out in photography myself.  He was shooting at my ex-girlfriend's wedding in LA and I introduced myself to him during the reception while he was going around shooting.  I just remember afterwards sitting at my table thinking, "man, if I could only ever be as good as them, how awesome would that be?"  

Before the wedding, my ex told me that she hired these guys in Seattle and paid something like $5000 to have them come down and shoot her wedding.  I was like you paid what?! And you flew who from Seattle?!  At that time, I didn't even think paying over $1500 for a "wedding" photographer was worth it.  Don't they just stand their and say "1, 2, 3, cheese!"  Well, after I saw their website, I immediately knew why she hired them.  So I had to meet them when I got a chance.  Their website was my first exposure to really good wedding photography.  Jerry Yoon Photography might not have materialized if not for this chance meeting with one of the best out there!

This article does a great job of pointing out the difference a fraction of a second makes when a pro is ready for a photograph vs. an amateur who is fumbling with their settings and can't execute on all levels when a peak moment is flashing by.  Well, I've said enough about the article and now you should just go read it.  

Photography by Cody Ellerd