Wedding Band and DJ | Tiny Home


I just found these images that Aubrey made a while back of Sonya Cotton.  Last year, I fell in love with Sonya's music.  Then I spazzed out when I finally got to meet her, shook her hands with my clammy star struck hands, and purchased all her albums right there.  Then I met Gabe Dominguez, her partner and another amazing musician, and I fell in love with him too!  

Imagine my delight when I learned that they started singing songs for weddings.  I hired their group, Tiny Home, immediately and it was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding.  We bonded during our week long wedding festivities and now I'm glad to call them friends.  Please check 'em out!  Especially if you are looking for a music option that is fun and creative. 

We haven't done a very good job of posting our wedding pictures on the blog since it has been a crazy last few months, but here are a few of them showing Sonya and Gabe sing-leading our guests through a "treacherous hike" to our ceremony spot. We'll do an official post for our wedding soon.

 - Ingrid

Photographs below by Mauricio and Aaron of Chrisman Studios.