Tiffany & Kyle | Presbyterian Church of Sunnyvale | Memorial Park | Dynasty | Wedding

I remember throughout the wedding day, people saying how well Tiffany and Kyle were matched.  I was curious as to why people were talking about this so much, so I did some calculations and ran the question through a complex relationship algorithm developed by NASA.  Basically, I just sat here and thought about what makes them such a good match.  Then out popped the answer.  Kyle is this genuinely sweet goofball and Tiffany loves to just laugh with him or at him, either or. 

This makes sense, because Tiffany's father is a super cool dad that isn't shy about being silly and just having some fun.  If you need proof then check out their father daughter dance!  They totally tore it up on the dance floor together.  Usually, you see the bride and groom doing crazy antics like that.  

The following pictures portray a super cool couple and their wedding day. 

 The stunning bride.

Super cool father has a super messy office!  Here's Tiffany figuring out the last details for the wedding.  

While the boys play poker... typical.

What happens in Cyprus Hotel stays in Cyprus Hotel.  

Love how this shot makes Kyle look like he's a protected VIP.


I think she recognized someone in the crowd, thus the I recognize you and I'm happy face.

hugs, kisses, congrats.  I'm lovin' the love fest.

Hot couple! 

 Their father daughter dance was a riot!  Check out them moves.

Kyle busting out his moves.  I wonder what kind of dance move he's doing there.   


Kyle LOVES spam... mmm, as do we.