The Mission Engagement Session | San Francisco | Jill + Addisu

Photography by Jerry

The Mission in San Francisco is a challenging place to shoot.  The challenge is like a puzzle.  The pieces are all there and sometimes it's like there's too many pieces.  But when you do get the right combination, it's magic.  This first shot was the very first setup of the shoot and I love it.  Everything came together so nicely.  The bus lines above aren't intersecting Addisu's head and provide an interesting element.  The sun falling right behind them.  The cars in the background aren't too distracting and provide nice shapes in the back.  And of course, the happy Addisu and very content Jill, enjoying a moment together.  Engagement photography is tough, but when you're in an awesome place like San Francisco, it can come together so nice.  I can't wait to shoot their wedding next year!