Steve & Audrey | UC Berkeley | Clark Kerr | Berkeley Marina | Target | Engagement Session

Steve and Audrey are good friends of ours and we are soooo happy for them!!  They met for the first time at UC Berkeley's Clark Kerr Campus, so they wanted to relive old memories there and the first picture pretty much sums up their excitement.  Steve is super athletic, so please don't try this at home or on another engagement session.  Look at how much air he got! 

We had so much fun shooting their engagement session, because they were up for anything!  Steve is such a good sport for agreeing to get all dressed up at Target.  I don't know about you, but I think he looked great in that feather boa! 

Steve and Audrey are kicking off the new year by getting hitched this January!  I love January weddings, because everyone is feeling great about the coming year and excited to see a new family come together.   Steve and Audrey are one of the most giving couples we know.  They have touched countless lives - Steve as a college minister and Audrey as a kick butt school teacher.  People who know them would agree when I say that they are Rock Stars! 


 A little fountain action.


 We hung out at this gnarly tree and then had fun throwing some fall leaves around.


 This is one of my favorite engagement shots.  It reminds me of the movie, Big Fish!




 I love this shot of them.  What are they staring at so intensely?






 So many great titles come to mind when I see this picture.  "Miles to go", "With you", or "Over the hill together".  Anyone else have a great title for this?




 This is how good they look after that long run.


 I love how Target has rebranded themselves and given themselves a whole new look.  Steve is an awesome soccer player, so we had to showcase his aiming skills. 


 We got some funky looks from people for this one.


 Target should pay us for this free advertising.  It looks like they're having so much fun shopping there.