Sleeping with the (Jelly) Fishes

I could not fall asleep Friday night no matter what I did.  I was so excited about seeing fishes at the Monterey Bay Aquarium the next day.  So on the very long car ride over there, I fell asleep soundly while Jerry drove the whole way, shaking his fist at our faulty GPS.  And on the long car ride back, I fell asleep again.  And this is the day after he drove the whole six hours from Los Angeles... where I fell asleep for most of the car ride only to wake up towards the end because I felt so bad.  haha... sorry Jerry. 

Anyway, I think I digressed.  We took our cameras and got some really nice shots!  Most of these images are of jelly fish because jelly fish are the bestest. 


 This little guy was so cute, like the little engine that could.


Looks as if this should smell really good, too bad it probably only smells like sea water. 


 Jelly Fish are so photogenic. 


Holy cow, look at him!  It looks like something I made out of clay in kindergarten!  It also looks like it was taken by an iphone.  It was actually really dark and they don't allow tripods into the aquarium, so we had to bump up our ISOs.




These guys were gorgeous.  The aquarium did a great job choosing the right blue to highlight their colors. 




I've always wondered, where are their nervous systems?  Is it that globby white thing in the middle?  


These guys pulse faster than the others.  The aquarium had jazz playing that matched their pulsing beat.  They are also edible! 



A Jelly Fish feasting on krill. 


Looks like two ladies dancing!