Sharine + Zack | Santa Cruz | House | Backyard Wedding

When you think of backyard weddings, small and intimate come to mind.  Mainly, because backyards are pretty small, at least the backyard that I grew up in.  Well, Zack's stepdad's backyard was definitely not small.  His beautiful home was way up in the hills and only accessible through this one lane road.  The road opens up to this curvy driveway and out pops this amazing home with views to die for.  It's the perfect backyard wedding venue that isn't available to the public.  I know, sad.  We loved shooting there and hope that we get more backyard weddings in the future.  

For the wedding to look this good though, it took Sharine's sister, Clarice, the better part of a year to mastermind everything.  She's definitely got an eye for detail and created an amazing wedding for her sister.  She recently started her own business designing pieces for weddings and has a blog at Happenstance Designs.  Now onto the beautiful backyard wedding that was built with much TLC.