San Francisco | Engagement Session | Kristi + Paul

Photography by Jerry and Ingrid.

We're pretty excited that Kristi and Paul chose us to shoot their engagement and wedding photos.  Why?  Well for starters, Kristi and Paul are both creatives themselves.  Kristi Klemens is a wedding photographer down in Southern California with her own business as KLK Photography.  Paul is a wedding video journalist with his own business as Blue Sky Videos.  If you're a potential bride, you should definitely check them out as they are not only super talented, but sweet people all around.  Kristi has a knack for making brides look hot!  

Our engagement shoot up in San Francisco was super cold, but that didn't stop Kristi from braving the weather to wear a cute dress.  Loved the props they also brought to the shoot.  We can't wait to shoot their wedding in Miami!