priscilla + tony | old town pasadena | down town los angeles | engagement session

as i'm writing this i'm getting many flashbacks of my college days living with tony in our nasty apartment. there were many moments shared between us that is best not revealed on the internets. i will leave it at that.

tony and i have very similar senses of humor that falls very flat with our significant others. i'm sure millions of girlfriends can relate. we always take unfunny jokes to another level and then laugh all that much harder, while our girlfriends just stare and roll their eyes. so putting us together leads to an exponential magnification of jokes that only 12 yr old boys can appreciate. well, needless to say, this led to good times.

see that's the look right there.  the guy laughs by himself and the girl just deals with it.  how many women can relate?

up on the rooftop of tony's apartment.