NEVER CALMER BEFORE A RAGER | meg + rahul | montclaire women's cultural arts club | green | oakland | wedding | part one

the words below won't be doing justice to the awesomeness that is meghul.  meghul's union was LEGENDARY.  we will be telling our kids bedtime stories about this very night.  a wedding that was pregnant with the loftiest expectations and yet managed to exceed them beyond our wildest dreams.  by now, we've been to a bajillion weddings, but for meghul, ingrid almost cried several times.

it was so good that we had to split the post into two sections, less ye be blinded by the glory of their wedding.  part two will include the reception alone.  here is their sneak peak pictures of what is to come of their reception post.  their ceremony was so genuine, hilariously informative, and very exciting to watch.  friends came up and made poems for them with costume changes.  another group changed the lyrics of a song to fit them and brandished a hundred cards with pictures and quotes on them.  rahul's father officiated for them in such a sweet and personal manner.  

not only that, but the whole wedding was GREEN!  we haven't written much about our love for greening weddings on our blog yet, but we're proponents of getting weddings as green as possible.  they bussed people in from san francisco on biodiesel buses!  which tackles one of the biggest problems with weddings not being green - the huge amount of traffic generated from traveling guests.  eric fenster from back to earth catered the shindig with some really delicious vegetarian cookin'.  say what?  a vegetarian meal for a wedding?!  we were so thankful the whole night, cuz meat make photographers all gassy and sluggish during the reception.  the list of green awesomeness goes on and on that i could just cry.  the vendor list will be forthcoming in the second post, i promise.  

this first post is the calm before the storm.  now we leave you to it.  

we never post formals, unless your formals look like this!  i hunger for fun formals.