meea + bodin | east bay baptist | berkeley | wedding

we loved shooting this wedding.  first, meea and bodin were so fun and easy going the whole day.  they had complete trust in us and our crazy ideas.  second, east bay baptist people just rock our face off.  they're all so resourceful and willing to give of themselves fully to their friends time and time again.  thirdly, we worked the rooftop like it was nobody's business.  when we first got to the church we knew we had our work cut out for us.  lots of cars on the streets right up next to the church, tons of power lines everywhere, drab beige walls accented by wood trim, oh my!  but we love a challenge.  when you're handed a stunningly beautiful venue with decorations up the wazoo you don't have to be creative.  the shots just shoot themselves. 

i think it's times like these that separate the women from the girls, the pros from the wannabes, the sugar from the aspartame.  many times we feel like the aspartame though, but not today!  when we did our initial walk around of the place looking for all the places we could shoot we knew the roof was it.  it also just happened to be where meea and bodin's budding romance began.  volunteering to paint the church rooftop, they met, talked, and made magic happen up there.  very sweet.

Coordinator: Bethany from On Behalf Of 

Florist: Hannah Hyun

the BEST Cupcakes ever: Jen Seto & Tiffany Chiang

Hair & Make-up: Christine Splendorio & Heather Kim


these purple velvet cupcakes were the absolute best flour sugar egg butter cream cheese water combination EVER!

we had some heavy competition from another local pro.  this is the second time that david has been featured on our blog.  he sure knows how to grab our attention.

yes these guys are local pro mc's as well.


it took me a while to find this shot on the roof, but hot diggity it was worth the wait!

the guests couldn't help but watch us at work.  i usually like privacy on the set, but they deserved the sneak peek.  now they know all my secrets.