maggie + terence | pasadena city hall | first congregational church | pasadena masonic temple | wedding

lawyers know how to work it.  we were at the pasadena city hall and didn't have a permit to shoot there, because it was a sunday and who needs a permit on a sunday?  well terence used his lawyer connections to get the security guard to calm down.  after that incident maggie and terence's wedding went as smooth as butter.  we had enough time to walk around different church grounds and get some really nice shots of maggie and her dress.  they also had a candy bar at the reception, which is a win for everyone.  some highlights from the night!

maggie and her signature laugh!

the one on the right is my fav and the one of the left is ingrid's fav.

these two flower girls kept fighting over the dvd player.

the hot dog dance, never thought i'd see it before this.