Kristin + Greg | UC Berkeley Botanical Garden | Lawrence Hall of Science | Emeryville Train Tracks | Engagement Session

This was one of those shoots where you wish you had more time.  When we arrived at the UC Berkeley Botanical garden at 5pm, they told us that the garden closes at 5:30pm!  Yikes!  So we did some speed shooting and I mean shooting at a furious pace.  We sped walked a good portion of the grounds and had to take pictures while the speakers where blaring the countdown to closing.  I felt like we were being chased down.  Afterwards, we did some shooting at the Lawrence Hall of Science and then down by the train tracks in Berkeley. 

 Well Kristin and Greg had no problem getting into the mood and groove.  They were so into each other that they didn't need much direction from me at all.  They are such a fun couple to shoot that I am also counting down the days till their wedding.