Karen and David | Alameda | Christ Episcopal Church | The Officer's Club | Wedding

Finally!  More pictures of Karen and David!  Thanks for all the great comments.  Looks like Karen and David have a million loyal fans.  :) 

Karen and David were married on a stormy winter day.  Storms have a way of wreaking havoc on electricity, mascara, hair, fancy clothes, photography equipment, and most importantly nerves.  That is why we were so impressed that Karen, David and their entourage were calm, supportive and joyful the whole day!  It has been an extreme blessing for Jerry and I to work with the community at East Bay Baptist.  We feel so at home when we see all their familiar faces. Thank you so much Karen and David!! 


Karen wore pretty and comfortable blue flats. 


This Cookie Monster looked like he had received some serious love from Karen since he was a little beat up and one eye had been lovingly colored in by pen.  In an act of pity for his eyeball, we fed him the rings.    


Since the electricity had gone out upstairs we had to play with some interesting ways to create light.  Jerry fired his flash towards a mirror and it bounced back toward him to create this cool ring shot. 


Karen is so gorgeous!  Our friend and future bride, Veronica, did Karen's make-up!  She ran around the whole day making sure everyone looked their best.  I think everyone needs a Veronica.  


When all the girls were getting ready, laugher suddenly erupted from the bathroom.  Apparently, Karen's sister grabbed a bottle of deoderant, thinking that it was hairspray!  hahaha.  I think this was one of the cutest moments.   To her credit, the canisters looked exactly the same! 


 When I take pictures of a Bride changing into her dress, I always get a little bit nervous.  If the day comes that I get married, and my photographer points a big ol' camera with a fat flash at me, and I'm only half dressed, I might just freeze up and turn red.  Standing there with my fat camera, I told karen to look back at me and she gave me such a mysterious and beautiful expression.  Tyra Banks would say "fierce!". 


DY and DK (the Best Man) have been friends since childhood.  They have such a strong bond with each other that they joked about the idea of DK giving away DY during the ceremony.  


Karen had worried about marrying someone who is shorter than her.  When David and Karen saw each other for the first time on their wedding day, David made sure that he was indeed taller than her. 


 The rain stopped just long enough to get some good shots on the bridge.




 A funny moment during the ceremony.





Christ Episcopal Church in Alamdea had an amazing balcony with just a little light coming through a stained glass window.  We were able to get a bunch of dramatic portraits. 


At the Officer's Club in Alameda Jerry found a nice leather couch lit by one spot light.  Sometimes taking pictures inside can turn out more interesting.  


The speeches were hilarious.  We had just met all of these people but we were cracking up along with everyone.  


 Their friends were very enthusiastic about Karen and DY kissing.