jody + shirley | red red wall | santana row | santa cruz boardwalk | engagement shoot

We spent an epic engagement session with Shirley and Jody.  We hit up Santana Row and then Santa Cruz.  We met Becky Burgin of Art of Emotion out on Santana Row, who told us to watch out for the fuzz, 'cuz we had no permit.  The suspense of shooting without a permit is one way we photographers get our weekly high.  I was thinking about ways in which we can outrun a segway cop but then realized that they can easily get off their segway if they wanted to and just run themselves. 

Riding the roller coasters at the boardwalk and shooting them at the same time was a first for us.  The crazy thing about that is I have a strapless camera.  I know, it's so sexy and dangerous.  So I had this death grip on my precious 5D with a 24mm 1.4L set on iso 1600 at f1.4 on manual focus, praying that A) my camera doesn't fly off into the wind and B) that at least one shot will be in focus.  It was probably the most exhilirating ride.  I wouldn't recommend this to anyone out there unless you have the grip of a gorilla.  By the end of the night, we came home with a belly full of seafood and some kick you in the face images! 

Can't wait till we shoot their wedding next month.  Here's to more adventures at your wedding guys! 

Isn't Shirley's blue dress smokin' and smouldering at the same time? 

It was a cloudy day in Santa Cruz, but this made for great great lighting.

Again, by chance Shirley wears the best color for the shot, red and turquoise!

Of course the most action happens at the sharp bends that are the hardest to shoot while looking back with a one handed grip of my camera.

Love this shot!!!