joanne + jonathan | central peninsula church | central park | dynasty | san jose | wedding

when Ingrid told me that this blog post was ready I pumped my fist in the air and scooched back in my chair, which prepared me for the eye candy ahead. i always try to push myself even further every wedding, but I knew that Jonathan and Joanne's wedding was going to be something special. i felt it in my bones.  also, Jonathan studied art back in school so I wanted to get a little bit more creative for his artistic tastes. commentary below.

parking structure next to church = fun times ahead!

ingrid conjured up this cool shoe shot because the girls got ready in a library.  i heart c.s. lewis.

normally, bright lights and mixed lighting scare us photographers. but, this time it made for some gnarly groomsmen pics!

i never knew you could make a bridesmaid line look so cool.

looks like the hammer of God is coming straight down on them!

yes, we kicked off two little girls to get on these bad boys.

blink, and you'll miss the details.

mid day sun never looked so good.

we took these pics in the same spot where jonathan proposed.

sometimes i like to give my couples some private time together. and this is what it feels like.

my favorite portrait of them together.

jonathan serenaded joanne. he's good, real good.

this game was pretty hilarious. kinda like reverse pin the tail on the donkey. see where it is?

it was a fun night.