jenna + kevin | san francisco | golden gate park | park chalet | wedding

this was the last wedding that we shot in 2008.  certainly the best year in our studio so far.  it was the longest year for us as we aged twice as fast every week shooting weddings.  the amount of energy that we expelled getting these shoots off the ground probably required lots of brain cells to be overworked and driven into cell heaven.  now we're working off of half the brain cells for 2009 and by 2013 we'll be vegetables sitting on the sidewalk with a camera strap hanging around our tomato stems.  so what does that mean for prospective couples that want us to shoot their wedding?  ... 2013 outlook, not good.  but hey, it's only 2009 and we still got it!  

i'm so glad that we ended 2008 with jenna and kevin's wedding.  how fortunate for us to work with a couple that had a quirky sense of art just like ours.  for their engagement session kevin painted jenna's body on a white paper canvas.  now our friends come up to us and say, when'd you guys start doing nudes?!  

we got to shoot their getting ready shots at their very classy home in san fran.  kevin's paintings were hanging on the walls and you know how we love shooting textures.  we even got to hang out on the metro rail with them and take some fun shots around their neighborhood.  finding nooks and crannies in and around a neighborhood is a very rewarding experience.  

we can't thank kevin and jenna enough for being so fun to do everything with.  you guys are definitely the heavily dyed maraschino cherry on top of a great 2008 year.