I'm so confused


I got 3 friend requests today on Facebook.  This one is from my dad.  I have no idea how I should react to this.  One part of me wants to laugh at how hilarious it is to see that my dad wants to be my friend on facebook.  Another part thinks, WOW, my dad is the coolest asian dad I know.  The other part is wondering how my dad even knows about facebook or anything internet related at all.  I'm so curious as to see who I'll find on his facebook page.  Please don't tell me it'll be full of my dad's friends from my childhood.  This is just so weird to me right now.

Anyone else experience something like this?

 Some of you may have heard this already, but pretty much all the cool images that you see on this blog are because of my dad.  I grew up watching my dad paint his fine art paintings all my life.  I didn't know it at the time, but all those hours of watching him paint and thinking that I would never be able to be as good an artist as him has completely shaped my artistic abilities to what they are now.  I always wanted to be able to create art like him, but I thought it would be too hard for me to even come close.  Even now my art comes no where near his abilities.  It's funny to think that as a little boy I was learning about lighting, composition, and colors without me even knowing it. 

 Thanks dad.  You're my hero and friend.  I guess I should add you on my facebook now.