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i don't think we really worked at helen and victor's wedding. it was too relaxing and fun to call it work. no it was more like hanging out and taking some pictures with people that we just love hanging out with.

lots to talk about for this wedding, so i'll just insert the talking below.

ingrid is getting more and more creative with her shoe shots. this is a reflection off of a table.

these are some major party shoes. i was mesmerized by them.

the ring bearer and i had a fun time exchanging funny faces all night long.

helen, right before they go upstairs for the ceremony.

love this shot that ingrid snagged!

this has got to be one of my all time favorites. ingrid posted these two shots for the blog and didn't notice how the one below is a perfect segue image.

love the look on victor's face.

love this candid that ingrid snapped.

i didn't notice how many kids there were at this party until i made it a point to walk around and capture a fun shot of each kid. i think this is only half of all the cute kids.

this is actually a pretty gross image.  poor wilbur, he has pom-poms in his ears.

see, i couldn't stop following these shoes.

this little lady couldn't have been more than 9 years old. she's got dance moves that would put madonna to shame.