Foundation Conference | Addison, TX | Nov. 3~4

So some industry news for all you photogs out there.  The Foundation Workshop people are holding their first Foundation Conference out in Addison, TX from Nov. 3rd to 4th next month.  If you haven't heard of the Foundation Workshop, then you're definitely missing out on the most intense photojournalistic workshop for wedding photographers out there.  How do you think we've been getting better and better with our photojournalism?  Well, attending the workshop has been a huge factor in helping us breakthrough certain barriers to better photojournalistic images.  I can still hear my team leader, Tyler Wirken's, voice everytime I shoot a wedding.  "Watch your corners and commit!" 

All of the speakers are amazing at what they do, plus four of them are Top 10 wedding photographers in our industry.  I've talked with Ben Chrisman and he'll be cooking up something good for all of us with his friend Brett Butterstein.  If not for them, just come to meet us!  I'm bringing our whole team there of Ingrid, Aubrey, Blake and I.  Fun times ahead!