elyzabeth + joe | cathedral basilica of saint joseph | hilton hotel | san jose | wedding

after our engagement session with elyzabeth and joe months back, i knew right away that their wedding is going to be wild and crazy.  it was definitely just that and more.  from the moment i walked into their getting ready room till the end of the night, it was just a fun ride with these two.  

we had a wedding at the cathedral the week before and the challenge in that is to find shots that are totally different than before.  i think we managed to get some unique stuff walking around.  here's some of the highlights from the day.

real men wear pink.  when i first walked in this is pretty much what i saw.  guys running around in pink socks and lots of hair.  i hope you're having as much fun as i did staring.  

fyi, i did not pose any of this.  

elyzabeth could not stop smiling and laughing the whole day.  she probably had the most fun of any bride i know.  that's what a bride supposed to do!

not the normal silhouette, so me likes.  

love this shot right before they're about to enter.  

during prayer, joe snuck a look, probably making sure security is tight.  i guess you can never be too cautious as a marine.  

one thing about joe and elyzabeth is that if you just leave them alone they start doing all kinds of fun stuff together.

as we're walking around town we found a garage.  garages have interesting light and great backdrops.  sooo much better than a bland tree with grass.  oh and elyzabeth looks stunning.

this one's for his facebook profile.

i would pay to hear what elyzabeth said to joe here.  

my fav of the day.  hotels sometimes have the coolest lit walls.  

these chairs make you feel like you're in a womb.  

joe's mom is a riot.  she's got so much sas and she's running for mayor!

i hope this one doesn't get him in trouble.

joe and elyzabeth got down the whole night.