Chiara + Eric | Golden Gate Park | California Academy of Sciences | San Francisco | Engagement

Shooting Chiara and Eric was just plain fun.  I'll attribute it to the fun couple, but Aubrey also came out to shoot with me as well.  It's always fun tag teaming on an engagement sessions.  It was a slightly cold and windy day in SF, but otherwise a great day to shoot.  We started off at the Park at some random corner and worked our way in a little.  We quickly found ourselves behind the California Academy of Sciences, which is not too shabby of a place to shoot.  Well, that's until the security guards kicked us out.  It's funny how 99% of the places I've gotten kicked out of have done so after we've gotten a ton of images.  It's almost like a badge of honor to get kicked out for us photographers.  

Can't wait to shoot their wedding this summer in Carmel.  They're going to have a fun board game theme, so I'm pretty excited to see what they come up with!