cathy + mike | city hall | critical mass | dogs | mission | san francisco | engagement

 coming down all the way from seattle, cathy and mike, we're pretty stoked to be shooting in sf.  the shoot started off normally, with some shots in on the street and inside city hall.  then all of a sudden a large group of thirty bikers came rolling down the street right in front of us.  and then a whole battalion of tree huggin' bicyclists came down on us like a biblical plague.  it was most likely the group, critical mass, that likes to ride around the city stopping traffic and encouraging people to get out of their cars and use clean energy to transport themselves around.  it was awesome to be in the middle of that and to take pictures.  

as if that wasn't enough excitement, we then ran into two cute dogs.  i love having dogs come into the shoot!  we then finished off the shoot in the mission district.  fun times.  can't wait to shoot this good looking couple again at their wedding!