candice + burton | rancho capistrano | orange county | engagement shoot

i want to touch upon the selection process for blog images for just a second.  i think image selection for your portfolio or blog is very important.  many times we're tempted to put up a ton of pictures because the shoot was great.  photographers feel the need to mix in the mediocre/standard images with the cool avant garde/edgy images to balance things out.  that's a pressure that brings down the impact of the set as a whole.  we're guilty of that too.  images are powerful.  they stick to your brain and leave their mark for days if not months.  why water down the impact of those few powerful images with bland white rice? 

with that said, candice and burton's shoot was chock full of great images that were hard to whittle down.  they were definitely ready for their shoot.  candice in her cute black dress with pockets and burton decked out in something his fashion forward sister picked out for him.  we had so much fun goofing around and playing around like kids.  can't believe how lucky we are to be working with them in baltimore for their wedding!