Cornerstone Gardens | Wedding | Heather + Peter


Heather and Peter got married last summer at the very cool Cornerstone Gardens, which is a favorite of ours to shoot. The gardens is an ever changing outdoor art exhibit featuring the work of landscape architects and designers.  Every time we shoot there, the installations are different and that's what makes it so much fun.  

Peter grew up in a suburb of Southern California, while Heather grew up in rural Northern California.  They tried to create a vibe that had aspects that were a little more polished and refined to reflect Peter, with a touch of rustic for Heather.  Ultimately, that’s why they chose Cornerstone for their venue.  Peter loved the beautiful tent, and Heather loved the country it’s surrounded by, and that it had a little barn for dancing. 

Peter is Jerry's cousin and we've known Heather for forever, too, so it was such a blast to be able to celebrate with them. Sometimes it's nice to work at a wedding with your favorite people because we get to spend so much time with the couple and their best friends.  

Towards the end of the night, we may not be able to take credit for all the pictures. Our cameras kept getting ripped out of our hands by excited and tipsy cousins and uncles, then retuned with new photos.  During editing, we discovered embarrassing shots of us enthusiastically dancing.  Unlucky for you, we did not include any in this set! 

Photography by Jerry, Ingrid, Austin and various tipsy cousins/uncles.

Some words from Heather and Peter about their big day:


"This sounds silly, but I never expected the day as a whole would be as amazing as it actually was!  I was blown away.  And, that will stick with me forever.  We both felt surrounded by light and love from the people around us the entire day. 

Peter didn’t want to write personal vows initially, but after a few weeks (if not months) of contemplation/debating, he gave in.  And, I’m so glad.  They were amazing.  Also, my dad is not a person to relish in the limelight.  If anything, he avoids it like the plague.  We thought my mom was going to give a welcome speech, but my dad surprised us and took the mic.  He did an incredible job, and I could hear both of them (my mom and my dad) in his speech, which only made it even better."  - Heather 

"I remember my cousin (the splendid photographer) driving me to the venue and him saying that the day was going to be a blur…and it really was a beautiful blur.  I thought the first dance was very memorable, we had picked the song just a week before, but I guess I never felt so in the moment and in love.  Dancing with my mother was also incredibly memorable, because, well, I started to cry…a lot.  I guess I’ll always be a momma’s boy." - Peter

"Peter and I met freshman year of college.  Our first real conversation was in my (Heather’s) dorm room, and it was magnetic.  We had instant chemistry.  But, afterwards, we settled into the same group of friends and that initial spark fizzled.  If anything, Peter wasn’t even very nice to me!   It wasn’t until I was in grad school and Peter was working nearby as a consultant that we started to rekindle that initial spark.  And, it grew fast.  After only dating for only four months, we went on a month long trip to Thailand.  Beforehand, we were afraid this trip would be the deal-breaker, but it was quite the opposite.  After that trip, I don’t think either of us envisioned our futures without the other. " - Heather


venue: Cornerstone Gardens, Sonoma, CA // coordinator: Leslie Struble with Dandelion Events // wedding dress: Amy Kuschel // groom suit: H&M suit, Thomas Pink tie // shoes: J. Crew // hair & makeup: Stephanie Evans from It's A Date Powder Room // bridesmaid dresses: J. Crew // flowers: Daisy Rose Floral Design // cake: A Spoonful of Sugar // invitations: diy // dj: Chris Monson with AMS Entertainment // cinematography: Xander B Videography // catering: Sage Catering