We are on Pinterest


Did you know that we are on Pinterest? Over the years, we've seen a lot in the wedding industry and we've compiled our favorite designs. Some are from our own cameras and some are from our talented friends in the wedding industry. 

We've organized the categories hoping to answer some questions we get asked often like "What should I wear for our engagement session?" and "Where are some places you absolutely love to shoot".

We're also in the process of compiling boards of cool things to do at your wedding that we've seen turn out really well (Karaoke Rager Anyone?!) and ideas on how to light your Wedding/Reception venue for great pictures. 

We want to inspire couples to do something entirely personal and meaningful for their wedding day- to buck the conventional if it doesn't resonate with you or embrace the traditions if it moves you.  We want to capture you at your most genuine and your most inspired.   

Follow us on Pinterest for great ideas that hopefully won't drive you crazy doing DIY crafts well into the night (we've all been there):