Todd & Rhonda

Todd and Rhonda have a famous last name.  I won't write it here, but you can take your best shots in the comments.  I'll give you a clue.  Office Space character who didn't like how his name was exactly the same as a famous musician, known for his soft rock ballads and powerful singing vocals.  I don't know if Todd has powerful singing vocals, but all I know is that Rhonda is mad in love with him.  With Todd, not the musician. 

And I loved their wedding too, because they had Cactus Taqueria cater their food and they brought Horchata!  I love Horchata and drinking some of that milky goodness totally made my day.  Note to future brides, a happy and full photographer is always a good thing. 

It was also good to see how Rhonda and Todd's friends did so much for them in bringing the whole wedding together.  A shoutout to all the Berkeley Mosaic people who helped make their day awesome!  We're praying for ya'll during this transition period.  And thanks Rhonda and Todd for letting us "monkey" around with you while we were supposedly taking professional pictures. 

Todd%20and%20Rhonda%20blog102%20copy.jpgTodd_Rhonda-1207%20copy.jpgTodd%20and%20Rhonda%20blog101%20copy.jpgTodd%20and%20Rhonda%20blog107%20copy.jpgTodd%20and%20Rhonda%20blog110%20copy.jpgTodd%20and%20Rhonda%20blog111%20copy.jpgTodd_Rhonda-1574%20copy.jpgTodd%20and%20Rhonda%20blog104%20copy.jpg Todd%20and%20Rhonda%20blog109%20copy.jpgTodd%20and%20Rhonda%20blog105%20copy.jpgTodd%20and%20Rhonda%20blog115%20copy.jpgTodd%20and%20Rhonda%20blog112%20copy.jpgTodd%20and%20Rhonda%20blog113%20copy%20copy.jpgTodd%20and%20Rhonda%20blog114%20copy.jpgTodd_Rhonda-1975%20copy.jpgTodd_Rhonda-1693%20copy.jpgTodd%20and%20Rhonda%20blog116%20copy.jpgTodd%20and%20Rhonda%20blog119%20copy.jpgTodd%20and%20Rhonda%20blog118%20copy.jpgTodd_Rhonda-2029%20copy.jpg