Anna & Brad Wedding Preview

Anna and Brad came all the way from Georgia to get married in San Francisco.  We posted their Post-wedding shoot a little while back.  It was a really nice wedding to shoot because Anna and Brad invited a small group of friends from all over the US, so everyone knew each other well.

They got ready in Triton Hotel right outside of San Francisco Chinatown.   If anyone has been in there, they'll know what I mean when I say it looks like it got attacked by the color monster...In a good way!  We got some good use of their zebra prints and red walls.  As a take away gift, the hotel gave Anna and Brad a glowing LED rubber ducky.  Jerry and I were hypnotized by the glowing lights so we took it into the bathroom along with their rings and tried to take pictures of it while keeping our hands extremely steady.  It was tough, because it kept changing colors on us and didn't stay on for long. 

Their reception was held in Kuleto's at Union Square.  Anna's mom gave the most hilarious toast and had everyone in tears by the end.  Anna was suprised too, since she had no idea that her mom was such a good public speaker.  Funny how weddings reveal things like this in a special way.  

Thanks Anna and Brad.  I hope you guys come out to Cali again!  


Juicy details. 

Anna%20Brad%20Blog100.jpg Anna%20Brad%20Blog101.jpg


 I didn't know Jerry took this picture, so when I saw it for the first time on the computer, I couldn't believe my eyes it was so slick.  This is the best thing ever invented.  I almost grabbed a tie out of Jerry's closet to see if I could pull it off but my womanly dignity pulled the reins on me.  Now if only someone made a how-to website about how to do hair. 


 Brad concentrating intently on how to tie a tie. 



The walls at Triton hotel were so colorful.  Love this shot of Brad.Anna%20Brad%20Blog106.jpg


This shot was taken in nearly pitch black.  But Jerry just turned up the low light sensitivity and captured Anna just before she walked down the aisle.  She was so nervous!   




They got married in the gorgeous St. John's Presbyterian Church.  Fact: St. John's is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and as landmark #83 of the City and County of San Francisco.


 Anna couldn't help crying because she was so happy. 


That's a cool door.  And an even cooler couple.


Anna's brother surprised her with a limo!