Marilyn & Josh Slideshow

As some of you blog stalkers may know, Josh and Marilyn, are one of our closest friends. Their wedding at the Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley was simply amazing. This was a fun slideshow to make and hard to cut down on the pictures, because we had so many to post! We have so many pictures of them it's not even funny. We did their pre-engagement session, their engagement session, their rehearsal, their wedding day, and finally their post-wedding session. I'm so glad that we've got so many pictures of them, because they are in Michigan now and I miss them so much.

Marilyn looked absolutely stunning in her dress. Some of those shots with her looking out over the whole Bay area are my favorite shots of all time.

Hey Josh and Marilyn, I hope that this slideshow brings back good memories and that you are doing well out there. I know you keep up with this blog, so here's a shout out to you guys! We love you and wish you the best out there. See you in January for Steve and Audrey's wedding which we'll be shooting too!