Marilyn & Josh Wedding Teaser

Marilyn and Josh held their reception in the Berkeley's Lawrence Hall of Science while there was a circus exhibit inside.  When they were searching for places to hold the reception and visited LHS as a candidate, the first thing that Josh and Marilyn saw upon entering the doors was a huge T-Rex skull, back dropped by a purple and yellow mural of one of Escher's patterns, and on the far side of the room, a circus tent. 

Marilyn was a little doubtful about using the space, but Josh's first reaction was "THIS IS SO COOL!".  This made for some creative options for reception activities.  Their wedding was nevertheless beautiful because they are truly incredible people.  We have been blessed to shoot their wedding. 

The rings are shot on a guitar controller for the game Guitar Hero.   Both Josh and Marilyn were music majors and can tear up that game like no other.

One of my favorite things about this wedding was being able to find ways to do some killer group ghots.  Those bridesmaids were on top of their game!

Thanks Josh and Marilyn for being such awesome friends and entrusting us with your special day.  Hope Michigan is treating you well.  We miss you so much it hurts our insides and our outsides. Including my metaphysicalsides.