Yvonne & Alan | UC Berkeley campus | Campanile | Haas | Doe Library | Pre-Wedding Shoot

We had two engagement shoots this last weekend and they were both so fun to shoot.  Yvonne and Alan were nervous at the beginning of the shoot because they didn't know if they would look comfortable in front of a camera.  It didn't take long for them to loosen up though.  By the end of the session we were having such a great time and I think it was one of our most relaxed sessions ever!  I love that they are so into each other and like to laugh a lot. 

We won't be able to shoot their wedding since their Vegas venue comes with a mandatory photographer, gasp!  But I'm glad that we did get this session in with them.  The whole session was shot on the Berkeley campus.  Kudos to those who can recognize the places where we shot at.  I think the Campanile shot is the only one where we give much clues to the location on campus. 

Yvonne looks stunning!  Alan did a good job of framing her.   



 Behind us there was a group of Capoeira fighters sparring with each other.  Yvonne and Alan remained professional though. 


All around campus there were these messages about making love not war.  This was one of my favorites. 


Beautiful indeed. 


I've always wanted to do a shot like this.  Reminds me of something that my parents might have taken in their youth. 



Such a fun couple to shoot!  Alan definitely knew how to make Yvonne laugh.  I think girls like that.   



We looked for a grove of cherry blossoms, but could only find lone trees.  So we just cut branches and found a cool backdrop.  Ingrid, saw this one from afar so she gets credit for this one. 


 I get to take credit for finding this backdrop though.  I love the compositional elements in this one.