SSan Francisco Wedding

City Hall | San Francisco | Lolinda Restaurant | Wedding | Kristen + Nathan


There's something really special about intimate weddings. Nathan and Kristen got to spend a lot of quality time with all of their guests and treated them to one of our favorite restaurants, Lolinda in San Francisco. 

Photography by Jerry and Ingrid 


Right before the ceremony at the Legion of Honor | Wendy + Jason

Wendy_Jason_Teasers-1002 copy.jpg

The bridal prep room in San Francisco's Legion of Honor is backstage of a gorgeous theater.  We had so much fun shooting here because of the spotty lighting and nooks and crannies. Here's a few images right before Wendy and Jason head out to their ceremony.  

Wendy_Jason_Teasers-1003 copy.jpg
Wendy_Jason_Teasers-1000 copy.jpg
Wendy_Jason_TY-1003 copy.jpg