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Jessica & Jon

Wedding at Beltane Ranch, Sonoma, CA

Wedding at Beltane Ranch, Sonoma, CA

"Simply put, Jerry Yoon and his team are brilliant photographers. I am so happy and grateful to have chosen such a talented group of artists to shoot and edit our wedding and engagement photos... Our venue was absolutely stunning and Jerry and his team managed to capture and convey all the day's beauty in every shot. They even captured photos of all my handmade details including my table decor and wedding favors. The only problem I had with our wedding photos was when it came time to select a few favorites out of the 1,000+ photos to share. I'm not even joking when I say nearly every photo was one of my favorites.
...I recommend Jerry because he not only takes pretty pictures, but he's also a really cool person to hang out with. He removes you from the awkwardness of being in front of a camera and keeps you present and living in the moment. In the end, you'll have unique photos of the raw happy emotions that you want to capture on your special day."


Wedding at Westminster Presbyterian and The Rococo Room, Pasadena CA

Wedding at Westminster Presbyterian and The Rococo Room, Pasadena CA

"After looking through their website, hubby and I decided they were a must have for our wedding.  Unfortunately, we were on a very short timeline for our wedding planning.  BUT he had three weekends in 2008 available so we planned our wedding around his availability.  Seriously.  That's how much we LOVE their work.  Not only are they creative geniuses but they are just the coolest, funnest, and nicest people to hang out with.  I wish we lived closer so we could hang out more often.  Their professionalism, creativity, and flexibility really make them one of the best wedding investments you can ever make.  They made fans out of all our wedding guests, too.  During the wedding, my 9 year old cousin kept following Jerry around getting in his way, trying to talk to him about the pictures he was taking.  So Jerry and Ingrid gave him a camera to go take his pictures.  How cool is that?  I mean, WOW.  

If I could get married every weekend, I would, just so I could have Jerry and Ingrid take more magical photographs of us."

Katharine & Quang

"Jerry & Ingrid. WE HEART YOU GUYS!!!! Some how you have proven through your artistry that time travel IS existent. The wedding has gone and past but Kathryn and I feel as if we can relive the moment, each and every time we look through the lens of your camera. We will cherish these photos and keep them close, as a reminder of how special our love truly is....We will recommend their services to each and every one of you as we would personally recommend them to our own family....They have that IT factor that we have not been able to find in our search for a wedding photographer."

Janel & Wilson

"We booked Jerry and Ingrid for our July 2011 wedding and could not have asked for a better team to capture our special day...
During the initial "meet and greet," we informed Jerry of our vision/feel for the wedding. He had questions himself and I could tell that he wanted to make sure that he was the right photographer for our wedding. That made me at ease because even though you may like a photographer's style, it may not suit your wedding style/feel and he's not the type of guy to just book a job that he's not suited for...During the wedding, Jerry and Ingrid were professional, laid back and even though they had a schedule to follow, they were able to be flexible as well. We got to know them better over lunch and they both seem so down to earth and approachable. The pictures came out gorgeous and I have gotten so many compliments on the angles and lighting techniques they used... I was so happy with the pictures that I ended up getting an album as well. For the album process, I dealt with Ingrid and just like Jerry, she was prompt in returning emails and really cared that the album met all my expectations. If their style is what you're looking for, hands down I recommend Jerry and Ingrid. They will not disappoint!"

Elaine & Rudy

"Jerry and Ingrid are a great team. My husband and I must've researched over 50 photographers and interviewed 8 of them. We're ecstatic that we chose Jerry Yoon Photography because:
1.) We felt comfortable with them...
Jerry and Ingrid are easy going photographers that are adaptable and flexible from planning to the day of the wedding and down to choosing your photos. They showed extreme professionalism during the chaos of getting ready before the wedding and always stayed upbeat througout. Jerry even helped show the groomsmen how to tie a skinny tie. ;)
2.) Superior quality of work...
We were blown away when we saw our wedding photos. They  know when, where and how to capture a perfect intimate moment. They also add a touch of artistry to their photojournalistic shots. When we saw them, we asked, 'HOW DID YOU DO THAT???'"

Rebecca & Rahim

"Jerry and Ingrid are the awesomest photographers EVER. There I said it!! After hours  of scouring the internet in search of the perfect photographer for our wedding, I stumbled across the blog of Jerry Yoon Photography. I was immediately hooked and looked through the whole blog in one sitting. When I cried after seeing one of the entry (YEAH I cried!), I know I have found our photographer. Lucky for us Jerry and Ingrid were available on our date!!
Jerry and Ingrid has such amazing talent in capturing the moment and making every shot fun and unexpected. Looking at their photos you literally feel like you were right there at those events.
Our engagement session with Jerry was so much fun! He gave us really good directions and made us feel so comfortable in front of the camera. When he picked up that traffic cone and started shooting through it, I knew our pictures are going to be AMAZING! 
On our big day Jerry and Ingrid worked their magic and they totally blended into the crowd and did their thing. Jerry even came to the rescue when my husband had a boutonnière malfunction and he taught the guys how to tie their ties with the Windsor Knot.
Jerry and Ingrid are just amazing people with immense talent. We are so happy that we get to work with them to capture these important moments of our life."

Lynn & Steven

"Though there are lots of wedding photographers out there, if you want to hire artists that have the ability to capture all the fun, emotion and excitement of your special day, Jerry Yoon (and crew) would be the way to go. Jerry and Ingrid will work with you one-on-one and give you the personal time and effort you would want for your wedding/engagement/special event photographs.  Though they have plenty of ideas and years of experience, they will sit and listen to your priorities and vision, to make sure you are 110% satisfied with the final product.  They are extremely friendly and absolutely professional.  By the time it's your wedding day, you see them more as special guests and friends rather than another vendor you've hired to help out during your wedding.  If you want very special and high quality photographs, I would recommend Jerry Yoon without hesitation."

Jenna & Kevin

"When we first started planning our wedding, my husband and I couldn't decide whether or not we wanted to have a professional photographer.  Our experience with wedding photos was photos that looked overly-posed or stiff, and the thought of paying someone to make us look like mannequins was completely unappealing.  After some pressure from family and friends, we decided to check out photographers and were initially very disappointed by the lack of creativity by some photographers or the seemingly cookie-cutter photojournalism style of others. With both of us being experimental artists, we wanted to find a photographer who could be on board with thinking outside the box, as well as fulfill our parents' wishes to have wedding photos that they could show their friends.  What we thought to be a seemingly impossible task was easily solved when we found Jerry and Ingrid. Jerry showed us various examples of weddings and engagement photos they had shot and they absolutely blew us away.  Each couples' photos were so unique and beautifully shot, capturing intimate moments from a perspective that was artistic as well as palatable. Although we went into our initial consultation with them with jaded expectations, we came out of that meeting with new excitement and enthusiasm for wedding photography!

A month before the wedding, we had an engagement photo session at our house.  Jerry and Ingrid were so creative and easy to work with. They even managed to set up a mini photo studio in our garage! When we saw the online proofs of that session, we were amazed by how many unexpected moments they captured and unique perspective they used in photos of us, our house, and even our dog...

During the ceremony and reception, they were like ninjas!  Our family and friends have even mentioned to us how impressed they were by our photographers stealthiness. We recently got our online proofs of the wedding photos and are so grateful that we decided to work with them.  They were able to capture the intimate and artistic nature of our wedding, along with all the different moments that only can be described in photos."

Rosann & Josh

"When we first researched potential photographers, we weren't really excited about all the ones we came across; it's not that they had bad work, we just wanted someone who put the art first. Maybe it's because Josh and I are both artists that we're so choosy about anything visual. Anyway, we didn't think we'd ever find that photographer, so we were about to throw in the towel and settle for someone we felt was more standard, until I stumbled across Jerry Yoon's page on Martha Stewart Weddings. After scrolling through his images in his blog, I dropped everything I was doing, showed Jerry's work to Josh, and e-mailed him immediately to see if he was available... Working with him and his team has been nothing short of a pleasure...I could wax poetic for a long time, but if I had to summarize what separates them from the pack in a sentence it would be the following: they're not just about getting the composition or the colors right; they're also about the narrative told through the image. If we could do it all over again, we would go with Jerry Yoon Photography again in a heartbeat. They are truly artists' artists."

Sarah & Steve

"My husband and I just received our wedding photos, and they are INCREDIBLE.  Jerry and his team are masters at what they do. 

Jerry and Ingrid flew all the way to Philadelphia (where we live) to do our engagement shoot.  Despite it being over 90 degrees outside, they were upbeat the entire time and made us feel incredibly comfortable.  It's insane how creative they are with lighting and with making seemingly banal locations come to life in photographs.  We loved our engagement photos, and were so happy with how non-cheesy they were! 

Our photographs from our wedding far surpassed our expectations...They have such natural instinct and an incredible eye for composition and color...We would be honestly be happy to frame any one of the photos they shot because each one has such a unique perspective. The utmost professionals, Jerry and Ingrid are easy-going, super-duper nice, genuine, funny, quick to respond to emails/calls, and most importantly, ridiculously talented at what they do."

Alice & Steve

"It might sound crazy to say that my husband and I planned our entire wedding around their availability, but it's mostly true...They epitomized the attitude we wanted at our wedding: striving to be non-cookie-cutter, capturing candid moments that span the range of human emotion, and being goofy, light-hearted and FUN.  Of course, this attitude is something that comes through when you get to know these two personally, but make no mistake- they are also fierce and on-the-ball professionals.  We were so excited when they wanted to come to Boston, where we live now, to do our engagement session.  What a great way to memorialize our time in this historic city, and spend time getting to know a great couple!!!  We had no idea how the pictures would turn out, only that they would be phenomenal - Ingrid has such an amazing eye for unassumingly gorgeous backdrops, and Jerry would direct us to walk or kiss in a certain way, or make us laugh and just put us at ease (my husband is notoriously and hilariously awkward in front of a camera). Well, when we finally saw the pictures, we were floored...Spending our wedding day with them was amazing. I felt like we were hanging out with old friends!...Finding Jerry and Ingrid was the best thing we did for our wedding, by far."