Jerry and Ingrid started shooting together in 2006. Their dating relationship began so suddenly after Jerry needed a full time editor, that Ingrid suspects it was Jerry's plan all along to date her for the free labor. It worked, and she is still Jerry's full time editor and wife.

Jerry loves to rile people up with goofiness, get people shaking their booties and jumping in pools, and catching the angle no one expects. Ingrid loves the quiet moments with the bride and her father right before the ceremony, the secret handshakes, and all the details you poured your blood and sweat into.

When Jerry is not telling people to make out in front of his camera, Jerry enjoys many manly pursuits such as rock climbing, backpacking, and drinking scotch. However, one time, Ingrid caught him watching a marathon session of The Bachelor.

In the past, Ingrid has used her passion for photography for evil by capturing embarrassing pictures of her friends, then photoshopping it so it looked even worse, then posting it online. Now, she has been rehabilitated and only uses her powers for good.