We believe in inventing and partaking in rituals. Maybe your toothbrush always faces west when resting in its snoopy cup. Maybe you sing a grateful song first thing when your eyes open each morning. Maybe... you get married to someone you love.

To us, weddings feel like a symbiotic partnership of celebration and reverence. This is why I choose to re-tell them.

As a little gal, I used to find my way into the secret corner of my mom's closet where generations of family photos lived in tupperware stacked high as the ceiling. I could swim in those stories and characters for hours. I still do this at the thrift store.

Upon choosing me to shoot her wedding, a bride warned me, "My family is quite eccentric... there will be A LOT of characters."

A few months later, as I clicked the shutter button, and her great aunt, lit by disco ball, adoringly squished her twinsy-clad chihuahua to her rouge lipstick, I knew I was the gal for the job.

Aubrey and Blake have shot with our studio since 2008.